TIMed-Technology Business Incubator

What We offer
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Services offered by TIMed
  • Business mentorship and Technical mentorship for fostering medical device entrepreneurship
  • Information and support in setting up a business venture with finance, legal, HR and regulatory inputs
  • Professional assistance in risk analysis, regulatory compliance, quality management system, technology documentation, product documentation, ethical clearance
  • Training on biocompatibility, risk management, human factors engineering, packaging and sterilization, selection of biomaterials, quality management systems, regulatory systems and documentation.
Facilities & Infrastructure

The most attractive feature is that the Incubator is located in the Biomedical Technology Wing campus of SCTIMST and will become part of the nurturing ecosystem for concept to commercialisation of a medical device.

The facilities of TIMed
  • Office space on rental- modular office/ hot desks with common reception service, address, electrical power (light duty), A/C (work in progress), internet connectivity
  • Laboratory facility - Wet lab for chemical, polymer, biochemistry, biotechnology, ceramic & related projects with reagent racks, fume hood, facility of laboratory gases, electrical power and basic equipment such as weighing balance, refrigerator, heater, stirrer, oven, shaker, air compressor/vacuum
  • Laboratory facility - Dry lab for electro-mechanical, instrumentation projects with electrical power (light loads), internet connectivity
  • Clean work space (class 10,000 area and class 100 laminar flow work bench) – for final assembly or manufacturing process and also shareable clean/non clean work space for cleaning, drying, packaging and sterilization
  • Specialized Utilities for Medical Device production such as reagent water, ultrasonic component cleaning equipment, sealers for medical device packing and ETO/ Steam sterilizers
Access to Facilities at SCTIMST
  • Analytical characterisation facilities (HPLC, LCMS, GC, TGA, DTA, UV, FTIR, FT Raman, AFM ...)
  • Microscopes (TEM, SEM, ESEM, Confocal, Optical, Projection stereo...)
  • Mechanical characterisation facilities (Tensile / Compressive, DMA, Burst, impact, fatigue ..)
  • Surface Characterisation facilities (Roughness, texture, profilometry..)
  • Coating Characterisation facilities (thickness, adhesion, corrosion …)
  • Medical device in vitro evaluation facilities, In silico validation facilities
  • Design workstations and design software
  • Structural Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics software
  • Metrology and calibration
General Facilities
  • Conference room, meeting room, ideation/group activity place, TIMed lounge
  • Pantry facility
  • Access to Canteen of SCTIMST
  • Access to library facility of SCTIMST
  • Access to recreational facility like shuttle badminton, table tennis of SCTIMST
  • Parking based on availability
  • Cleaning & Security Services
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Access to Services at SCTIMST
  • Testing services on material characterisation and biological evaluation
  • Large animal experiments
  • Consultancy on risk analysis, regulatory compliance, quality management system, technology documentation, product documentation, ethical clearance
  • IP services, Library and information services
  • Support from clinical community, Clinical trials coordination
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