Management & Leadership

Vision & Mission
The vision of SCTIMST-TIMed is to be one of Asia’s leading incubators nurturing medical devices and biomaterials innovation
The Mission of SCTIMS-TIMed is to work with innovators, entrepreneurs and research institutions to support incubation of medical devices and biomaterials
  • Establish and operate Technology Business Incubator(s) to support incubation of start-up ventures in medical devices and biomaterials areas
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in medical devices and biomaterials area through technical and business incubation services
  • Support innovation in medical devices industry
  • Promote and facilitate innovation in medical devices technology development, translation and technology transfer through networking and partnership with research institutions, universities, health-care providers, funding agencies, policy makers, entrepreneurs and industry
  • To support advocacy and appropriate policy development at national and international levels for medical devices sector
The main goal of TIMed incubator is to produce successful ventures that will leave the incubator financially viable and freestanding.
The successful incubator graduates will have the potential to create jobs, vitalize society, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen local and national economies.

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