TIMED NETWORK (Individuals and Organisations)

TIMed Network (Individuals and Organisations)

TIMed is piggybacking on the vast network and connections of medtech researchers, clinicians, alumni and industry of its host institute – SCTIMST at national and global levels.

SCTIMST has successfully commercialised a number of medical technologies to medical device industries in India and its network is fondly referred to as "Friends of Sree Chitra".

SCTIMST has also been offering testing and training services to medical device entrepreneurs and industry and has a strong information network and contacts with this industry.

It also has students in medical research, clinical engineering and biomaterials research who are also potential entrepreneurs in the future.

As an R&D Institute with commercialised technologies, it has long standing links with suppliers and service providers of raw materials, components, equipment etc

TIMed maintains good relationship with medtech sector industry associations in the country such as AIMED (www.aimedindia.com), FICCI and CII and professional bodies such as Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs of India (www.sbaoi.org), Biomedical Engineering Society of India (http://www.bmesi.org.in/).

A gist of medical devices successfully developed and commercialised by SCTIMST
Mechanical Heart Valve (TTK Chitra Heart Valve)
Over 100,000 valves successfully implanted, an incredible achievement and world's most affordable mechanical valve
Blood Bags
Technology transfer led to establishment of two of world's largest manufactures in the world- namely Terumo Penpol, Trivandrum and HLL Lifecare, Trivandrum. These companies now sell over 70 million blood bags globally every year! These products must meet stringent quality standards. SCTIMST continues to provide testing support to the companies.
Blood Oxygenators, Cardiotomy reservoirs, Hemoconcentrator,
used in open heart surgery and Concentric Needle Electrode which have been commercialised successfully under SPICTRA brand by SIDD Lifesciences
Implantable Hydrocephalus Shunt System
a neurosurgical implant commercialised by HLL Lifecare under brand name CEREDRAIN
Dental Composites
India's first and perhaps only indigenously developed dental restorative composites and bonding agent which is made and sold under the brand name RESTOFILL by Anabond Stedman Pharma ltd
A range of Bioceramic products
based on hydroxyapatite (HA) and HA-Bioglass composite platform technologies in various compositions, porosity, shape and size for different applications in dentistry and orthopaedics. The know how has been transferred to several companies such as Basic Healthcare Products Pvt ltd and IFGL Refractories and made available under brand names- B-OSTIN and HA-New etc
Hormone releasing Intra Uternine Device ( IUD)
a device for contraception as well as for treatment of dysfunctional bleeding in women, was jointly developed with the sponsoring industry M/s HLL Lifecare ltd. The company has successfully launched the IUD with brand name EMILY.
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